News: Apple Requests Preliminary Ban of the Galaxy S III over S Voice

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Less than 15 minutes ago, we told you Apple was suing HTC over a “system and method for performing an action on a structure in computer-generated data,” and now Apple is back with another request. The Cupertino company is going after Samsung this time, by requesting a preliminary ban of the Galaxy S III in the United States. Apple says the device violates at least two of its patents. The first one is the same data tapping one it is suing HTC for and the other is the unified search patent that covers Siri, which we expected considering how similar S Voice looks to Siri.

A hearing has already been scheduled for June 7th. Apple points to the 9 million Galaxy S III preorders as evidence of the potential damage if the US court lets the dispute fly under the radar. Samsung has already said that the possible injunction won’t affect its rapidly approaching US launches. We can only hope they are correct.

[Source: FOSS Patents]

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