How To: Mobile Odin for Android!

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Say you have a Samsung device, be it a Galaxy S variant (1,2,3) a Galaxy Tablet, or a Samsung branded smartphone like the Droid Charge. If you’re familiar with the whole Rom’ing scene than you know Samsung devices require a little extra set-up to properly root/flash. So at this point it’s doubt you’ve used Odin in the past when coming from an AOSP rom to something touchwiz based, because if you didn’t you’d end up with a brick.

Odin, the popular leaked Samsung utility allows you to flash directly on to the heart of your phone. It flashes everything from recoveries, firmwares, kernals, etc. It’s described as the Ultimate Samsung Unbricking tool. However there are downfalls to Odin. For starters you always need to make sure the version you’re using works with your device. Then you’re limited by the fact it’s only available on Windows. Ouch.

Well for everyone that hates being locked into Windows or just dislikes connecting your device to your PC you now have an alternative. Chainfire, the wonderful developer who created SuperSU for Rooted Android phones developed a mobile version of Odin that allows you to access all of the flashing capabilities of PC Odin right on your phone. As an added boost, it allows you to Root firmware you are flashing AS it is flashing on the device. This is particularly useful when flashing firmware that doesn’t have a set-up root method available. In the above video you can see me using Mobile Odin on my Samsung Galaxy Tab 7.0 Plus to flash the 4.0.4 stock ICS update and root it at the same time. It’s extraordinarily easy to do, and I’ve been able to flash different kernels and recoveries at the same time.

Mobile Odin doesn’t come free however. For the sweat and tears he’s had to put into developing such an amazing tool, you’ll have to dish out $4.99 for it. Steep for an Android app, but most definitely worth it in the end. Hit up the download link below to see it on the Play Store.


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